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National Center for land - 
Is a company specializing in locating agricultural land in areas of demand in Israel and commence distribution of a quarter acre of land while allowing each investor country saved some money aside to invest in real-estate, signing his name in the Land Registry and carries an average annual return of tens of percent a year without risk while maintaining the fund. Israeli real estate market prices in recent years have become impossible very high and almost impossible to acquire the Land apartments and investment in real estate. Also state entry barriers to investors who purchase investment homes while raising taxes: purchase tax, tax, mortgage interest and difficulties in giving loans to entrepreneurs raise housing prices, reduce the supply of housing and turn the Israeli dream apartment nearly impossible. 
Expert team of the National Center for land work in full cooperation with certified real estate appraiser and relevant architectural Cities area and specialize in managing the acquisition and promotion of zoning to corporate clients after purchasing agricultural land in the center of the national land. Beneath the basket of services that we offer: management and bows TPS and delivery processes to thawing, examination of relevant land and extracting RESALE investment allows our customers at any time without a fee to use our services to buy the land and enjoy the yield irrespective of thawing. 
Our clientele is characterized by parents of children who want to worry about the future of their children and have no economic option to buy an apartment and they want to take care of them Asset Real Estate - Land uncertain future. Also young couples who are unable to financially still buy a house and save some money and want to enjoy attractive returns enjoy purchasers of agricultural land. Course important to know which land to choose from, we specialize in exclusive parameters only when it will thaw viability and important that everyone who buys understand what the status of the land and what nature is. We will be happy to answer your service at any time by protesting our team you will be part of the family and the National Center land. 
Among the company's most recent projects: Project Lands Highway 9 project room, gate city streets, pecan street project land project "Yaacov new land" Carkoor. 
National Center land was chosen to represent the area of ​​agricultural land in the "Secrets of real estate" on Channel 10 every week.