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  • We at the National Land Center, bring the idea of purchasing agricultural land for investment to every citizen who has saved a small sum of money, and who is looking for a safe, risk-free investment. Such an investment provides high yields of dozens of percentage points irrespective to the unfreezing of the land, something which does not exist in any other field of investment. Of course, should the land be unfrozen, the profits are even greater.

  • To address the housing crisis more effectively, a new reform which will shorten the bureaucratic process and the planning processes is currently being authorized. “The goal of the reform is to speed up planning and construction processes, which will bring about rapid unfreezing of agricultural land for building apartments. The increase in the supply of apartments in the market will bring about a fall in housing prices, as is expected. The reform will bring about faster planning and building processes by awarding authority to local committees, so that the time taken to authorize the programs will be reduced and allow planning and marketing of many more apartments.”

  • There are many ways to invest money and receive yields and thus to make a profit: you can invest in the stock exchange, in a provident fund, in gold ingots, and you can invest in real estate.
    Real estate also contains a large selection of channels for investment: you can invest in rental apartments, acquisition groups, business, etc. One of the hottest and most desirable fields in real estate investment is that of agricultural land.

  • Can Tama 38 (the National Outline Plan) be implemented in every building?
    The Tama 38 program is very familiar to those involved in the real estate field, as well as among the general public. This program enables visibly strengthening suitable buildings and preparing them for possible earthquakes.

  • Agricultural land for investment can still be found. We specialize in it. Locating agricultural land which is suitable for investment demands expertise in the market’s state and trends, and tools to analyze the parameters of each piece of land. That’s what we’re here for. We find the land for you which you can invest in, leaving you to simply join us and make a profit. For this reason, investing in agricultural land is a field which is growing by the day.

  • It is not without reason that land investment has turned into one of the most tempting and worthwhile channels in Israel. Even investors who truly believed they would never look outside investment in the stock exchange have found themselves in recent years looking for the perfect land to purchase for investment purposes.

  • Agricultural land for investment is considered so attractive due to how the purpose of the land can change. Land intended for agricultural purposes, which is close to built-up areas and infrastructure for residence, is similar to a gold mine. It has incredible potential, but it is currently unrealized since the land is not intended for construction. Our experts know how to locate land with a high potential for unfreezing, and which does not have problems which would prevent it being unfrozen for future construction.

  • Agricultural land is land on which it is presently forbidden to build, and is therefore significantly lower in price than land for construction. When purchasing agricultural land with the correct parameters, there is a higher chance of unfreezing. At the same time, unconnected to unfreezing of agricultural land, the land increases by an average annual value of around 15%. Investment in agricultural land has been one of the most worthwhile types of investment in Israel since the State’s establishment.