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The National Land Center

The National Land Center is a company which specializes in finding agricultural land in areas of Israel in demand and dividing the land into lots of 0.25 dunams and upwards. The National Land Center provides an opportunity for every investor in the country who has saved a small sum of money to invest in real estate, registered under his name in the Land Registry Office and which bears an average risk-free annual yield of dozens of percentage points, while preserving the principal. The real estate prices in Israel have become impossible in recent years, extremely high, making it virtually impossible today to buy apartments and investments in the field of real estate. Likewise, the government’s blocking of investors so that they will not purchase apartments for investment, while increasing taxation: purchase tax, VAT, the mortgage interest rates, and difficulties in providing loans to entrepreneurs, raises housing prices, lowers the supply of housing, and makes the Israeli dream of owning an apartment almost impossible.

The National Land Center’s team of experts works fully in cooperation with a qualified real estate appraiser and town architects relevant to where the purchase is being made, and we also specialize in administering and promoting the town planning scheme for the company’s clients after purchasing agricultural land at the National Land Center.
Our basket of services: Management and promoting the town planning scheme and leading the processes up to unfreezing, examining land relevant for investment, and our RESALE department which allows our clients – at any stage and without service charges – to utilize our services to purchase the land and benefit from the yield irrespective of whether unfreezing took place.
Many of our clients are parents concerned about their children’s future but do not have the financial wherewithal to buy them an apartment, and they want to buy them real estate – land for a secure future.
Likewise, young couples who do not yet have the economic possibility of purchasing an apartment and have saved a small sum of money, but wish to enjoy the attractive yields from which the buyers of agricultural land benefit. It is, of course, important to know which land to choose. We specialize in the exclusive parameters – only when they exist is unfreezing feasible, and it is important that everyone who makes the purchase understands the status and nature of the land. We are always happy to be of assistance to you through our team of experts, and to make you part of the National Land Center family.
The company’s recent projects include: The Road 9 land project in Hadera, Sha’ar Ha’ir Rehovot, the Karkaot HaPecan project in Rehovot, the Karkaot Karkur Hahadasha project in Karkur.
The National Land Center was selected to represent the field of agricultural land every week on Channel 10’s Secrets of Real Estate program.