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From the CEO

In these crazy times, when real estate prices are spiraling, the real estate market is on the edge of a “real estate crisis”, as Yair Lapid recently said, and the housing crisis is getting steadily worse – we are witness to the ever-increasing phenomenon of many young couples coming to us at the National Land Center seeking a solution to the housing crisis. They do not yet have a large sum with which to buy an apartment, and purchasing agricultural land is their first step into the real estate field, at a normal price. The land is registered under their names at the Land Registry Office, and they can sell it irrespective of whether it was unfrozen, at any time they wish. And usually with very high yields, which provide them with security for the future. Likewise we have many clients who are parents, for who purchasing agricultural land is almost the only way they can help their children have a secure future, since apartment prices are so high.
Agricultural land has been in high demand for a long time already. Our ancestors were clever enough to understand the importance of purchasing land in the Holy Land, and in light of today’s housing crisis, and the constant shortage in the resource of land (What can we do, as one of our clients said to me “We can’t import land...”) real estate prices are rising, with the demand exceeding supply, and the new reality is that purchasing agricultural land is the only way to buy real estate in Israel at a normal price!
I believe that this window will close within a few years, since the supply of land is gradually being used up, and there will be no choice other than to unfreeze agricultural land, with almost no high-quality agricultural land remaining to be sold at the end of the process, and a large-scale second hand market will open at far higher prices than those currently paid.
The National Land Center family invites you to come and take part in the most attractive real estate deals available in Israel today, which have been stringently checked by our team of real estate experts (a real estate appraiser, lawyer, and accountant) and which we have found to have an especially high potential yield.
It is important for me to note here that with my thorough knowledge of the land industry in particular, and real estate in general, I would like to mention that there is also a great lack of certainty in the field. Therefore, it is vital to carry out the right checks, and only purchase from professional companies which can show you a current appraisal for the day of the transaction, to check there are no liens or foreclosures on the land, and that all the money is in escrow until the registration at the Land Registry Office.
Likewise, regarding the million dollar question, “When will the land be unfrozen?” If a company promises a date for unfreezing – I wouldn’t recommend purchasing with them! These are facts which we can’t know, except for rough estimates only, and no one – including regional councils and municipalities – has a way of knowing the precise time of unfreezing, and certainly cannot give recommendations one way or the other.     
At the same time, land is a liquid product from the aspect that it can be sold irrespective of it being unfrozen! At any stage when they desire, and enjoy impressive yields. Therefore, I believe there is no more attractive alternative for sums of NIS 100,000-150,000. Bank interest is very low, the capital market is extremely speculative (you can lose the principal...) and under your mattress is not very safe...
Shirli Riger Agiv
CEO, The National Land Center