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The Reform for Reducing the Time for Planning Processes (The Pergola Reform)

To address the housing crisis more effectively, a new reform which will shorten the bureaucratic process and the planning processes is currently being authorized. “The goal of the reform is to speed up planning and construction processes, which will bring about rapid unfreezing of agricultural land for building apartments. The increase in the supply of apartments in the market will bring about a fall in housing prices, as is expected. The reform will bring about faster planning and building processes by awarding authority to local committees, so that the time taken to authorize the programs will be reduced and allow planning and marketing of many more apartments.”
It would seem that 75% of the time is wasted by the regional committees on authorizing statutory outline plans of up to 20 units per dunam. The moment this authority is transfered to the local authorities, it will grant them time for regional plans – which will lead to opening the bottle neck which has been delaying the planning of residential neighborhoods for years, and caused a shortage of apartments.
The reform will grant more authority to the local committees and thereby make their time available to deal with more important matters and concentrate on authorizing regional plans for increasing the availability of apartments and reducing real estate prices. From now onwards, the outline plans will be time limited: local committees will be required to grant authorizations within one year, regional committees up to 18 months, and national outline plans will have a time limit of only three years for authorization.
In conclusion, the purpose of the reform is “to free up” delayed construction projects, and thereby increase the supply of apartments with, according to the plan, 200,000 units will be speeded up and rapidly marketed.